• Posted on: 07 December 2020

On the 15th of October which is usually celebrated as the International Day of Rural Women, the Executive Director of FFAC  Bouba Aeisatu receives the Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural life  Women’s World Summit Foundation ( WWSF) based in Geneva and has awarded prizes to 462 influencial women who have impacted their communities in different ways to recognise and appreciate their efforts.

This year  mrs Bouba Aeisatu  was among the ten laureates selected for the 2020 session. She was selected as a result of the her struggle to empower indigenous women and girls to claim their rights and to end sexual and gender based violence in Cameroon.she recieved the Award from the Sub-Divisional Delegate for Minproff for Yaounde I Mrs Ndongmo Clairisse personal  representing of the Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family.

To celebrate rural women  FFAC  Joined the world to celebrate the International Day of Rural Women.2020 in collaboration with Minprof Yaounde1 under the Theme » What Opportunities for Economic Empowerment of Women and Girls in the face of Covid- 19 » considering the fact that women play a crurcial role in agriculture, food security, nutrition and resource management and are being push behind, FFAC saw it as a means to bring togther 30  rural women  share with  them about the economic opportunities during this health crises and  on  the barrier measures to prevent covid-19. These 30 women including Indigenous women who benefited from income generating activities kits to start small businesses  were trained on the fabrication of soap and  liquid soap. They  were drilled on how to fabricate soap with objective to help curb the spread of covid19  and also improve on their income generating activities. This will also help these women to become autonomous and increase their resilence during  the pandemic to better prepare for the future and also reduce the risk of gender based violence. At the end of the workshop the women were   awarded Attestation of participation. The Financial support was from the Prize Award offered by Women World Summit Fondation (WWSF).