• Posted on: 15 March 2022
           THEME: GIRL’S LEADERSHIP AND PERSONAL DEVELOPPMENT Despite the opportunities offered by the State for participation in the management of public affairs, Indigenous Women and Girls are still marginalized. In line with the celebration of the International Women’s Day 2021, Cameroon Indigenous Women Forum as a Women  led organization with one of its objective to Empower Women and Girls,  Organize a workshop on the 6th of March 2021 at the Yaoundé 1 Center for Women Empowerment and the Family on the Theme : Girl’s Leadership and Personal Development bringing together 20 young Mbororo girls in  different  Subdivisions in Yaoundé  with the Goal to  help them define their Visions, Identify the steps to achieve their dreams, bring out obstacles which may hinder them from achieving their dreams and design a follow up Plan of Action. The Workshop was presided over by the Director of Women Empowerment and the Family for Yaounde1 with the presence of the Facilitator Jules yanthe. Amongst the visions Identified were medical doctors, nurses, teachers, pilots, bankers, Journalists, Magistrates, and Accountants. The following characteristics were identified as encouragement, supportive, discipline, hardworking, courageous, intelligent, sharp, patience, perseverance, determination, and helping others. Participants were splited in groups of 2 to brainstorm and bring out obstacles to attain the visions and attitude which can help attain these visions. Obstacles that could prevent them from achieving their objectives were clearly outlined which include school dropouts, Peer groups, drugs abuse, gambling, stealing, irresponsibility, laziness, lack of self confidence, early pregnancies, fear and environment can as well hinder them from achieving their dreams. They were able to elaborate that once you drop from school, join gamblers, involve in stealing and bad company from peers, addicted to drug consumption and become a victim of early pregnancy your vision will be charted. So in order to achieve your vision, certain attitudes were enumerated which help them realize their visions. The respect for other, tolerance, gentleness, perseverance, courageous, self esteem, self confidence, the spirit of volunteering, honesty discipline, hardworking and determination were noted among the factor that can influence the achievements of these visions. Thanks to our partner Equality Fund that made it possible to organized this workshop.