• Posted on: 14 April 2020

Cameroon has been on shutdown since March 2020 because of the deadly pandemic Corona Virus. The indigenous people particularly the women and girls are more vulnerable due to marginalization and inequalities. Due to ignorance and lack of access to social amenities makes them more vulnerable to the virus.

Cameroon Indigenous Women Forum has been working with indigenous women from 10 communities such as Nkambe, Koutaba, Santa, Yaounde1and 2 and more precisely from the Center Region, North-West Region and West Regions by empowering them through capacity building and income generating activities. A total of 120 indigenous mbororo women victims of gender-based violence are currently rehabilitated and integrated with income generating activities. This will enable them to sustain themselves and raise their living standards during this crises while respecting the government measures to curb Covid-19.