• Posted on: 20 March 2020

Institutional mindsets are the most significant barriers and are a major reason why we don’t see more women at the top levels of leadership. People make assumptions about women at work and as leaders based on their stereotypical roles in society. Career Advancement Opportunities. 62%of female executives have been passed up for a promotion for an employee of another gender .Indigenous women face due to gender stereotype and cultural barriers find it very difficult to  get to areas of decision making to contribute for the development of their community.


  • FFAC builds capacities of Indigenous women by coaching and supporting them to get into areas of decision making so that they participate effectively and efficiently in the contribution of management of Public affairs in their respective communities.20 women were accompanied and supported during the recent legislative and Municipal election 2020 and 10 of them were effectively elected by Deputy mayors and councillors in the different councils.
  • Since 2017 FFAC with the support of Equality Fund has been implementing a program to Reinforce the participation of Young indigenous girls into development in order to create  space for empowerment, development of skills, Promote of their needs, aspirations, future dreams and peace builders thereby bringing social change within their communities. 5 sensitization campaigns have been carried to identify young girls leaders in 5 regions of Cameroon reaching about 500 girls. 50 of them benefited from capacity building workshops on various topics like Gender based violence, causes and consequences of early and forced marriages , coached them on how to speak in public and amongst their peers.  organized in yaounde and Garoua in 2019 during the celebration of the international day of Girl.500 girls have benefited support with school didactic materials and scholarships to enable them stay in school between 2012 and 2019.
  • 1o young girls have participated in the Cameroon Children parliament session between 2010 and 2017 facilitated by FFAC with aim to reinforce their capacities on children rights and opportunity to address questions to members of governments relating to their rights.
  • 15 young indigenous girls benefited from sensitisation on how to wash their hands and protect themselves from Covid-19. They received sanitary kits from FFAC and Equality Fund on June 24th at Tongolo Yaounde 1