• Posted on: 16 May 2022

Message of the Founder and Executive Director of FFAC/CAIWOF on the 10 anniversary

We have intervene within 50 Communities within 7 Regions in Cameroon reaching out to about 50.000 thousand persons  in the area of trainings, capacity building, health, governance , economic empowerment, education, human Rights  advocacy and psychosocial support amongst others.

FFAC and partners did intervene in scaling down the ravaging effects of covid-19 pandemic by providing hand sanitizers, face masks, soap and educated the community on barrier measures.   We have observed that GBV keep on the rising with high number of internally displaced persons due to the ongoing crisis rocking the North West and the South West. We still have the Covid pandemic and our forest are still poorly managed endangering ecosystems. We  still have a low rate of participation of Indigenous Peoples especially the women in areas of decision making. We intend to interfere our actions in improving the above mentioned cases.

We have had a veritable  support and partnership from our partners. The  team of FFAC and  the entire people of Cameroon wish to thank you all for your support in improving living standards of the indigenous women and girls in Cameroon.

Founder/ Executive Director

Bouba Aeisatu